Elizabeth Chase Akers Allen

Elizabeth Chase Akers Allen (October 9, 1832, Strong, Maine - August 7, 1911, Tuckahoe, New York) was an American author, journalist and poet. Born Elizabeth Anne Chase, she grew up in Farmington, Maine, where she attended Farmington Academy. She begun to write at the age of fifteen, under the pen name Florence Percy, and in 1855 published under that name a volume of poems entitled "Forest Buds." In 1851 she married Marshall S.M. Taylor, but they were divorced within a few years. In subsequent years she travelled through Europe, in Rome she became acquainted with the feminist Paulina Kellogg Wright Davis. While in Europee she served as a correspondent for the Portland Transcript and the Boston Evening Gazette. She started contributing to the "Atlantic Monthly" in 1858. She married Paul Akers, a Maine sculptor whom she had met in Rome, in 1860, he died in 1861. In 1865 she married E. M. Allen, of New York. In 1866 a collection of her poems was published in Boston.

Among her works, which include both prose and poetry, are:

  • Forest Buds from the Woods of Maine (1855)
  • Poems (1866-1869)
  • Queen Catharine's Rose (1885)
  • The Silver Bridge (1885)
  • Two Saints (1888)
  • The High-Top Sweeting (1891)
  • The Proud Lady of Stavoven (1897)
  • The Ballad of the Bronx (1901)
  • The Sunset Song (1902)

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