Help Wanted!

Weaving Cordula's Web is a daunting task. We personally relate very closely to the poems, stories and photographs on this site and it is our heartfelt wish to share a bit of the comfort we've drawn from them. The best and most important help we're seeking is encouragement. Thanks for all the kind words and feedback! You're keeping us and this site alive; many many thanks!

Besides moral encouragement, we're seeking all kinds of hints, translations, photographs, ... but also general criticizm, to improve Cordula's Web. Perhaps you'd like to contribute?

This is our current wish list:

  • Translations of Please Hear What I Am Not Saying in every possible language!
  • Hints for melancholic or sad classic poems in spanish and other languages for our International Poetry section.
  • Any hints about St. Cordula legend.
  • If you like Cordula's Web, please consider linking to us from your own website or blog and/or recommend this site to your friends.
  • ... more to come.

Of course, any kind of general feedback is also much appreciated.

If you'd like to volunteer translating a large text, please contact us beforehand, so we can avoid duplicating contributors' efforts.

Please refer to our FAQ section for details about submitting poems, stories or photographs.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Since we're a non-profit site, all we can do is to publicly credit contributors, but only after they have agreed to this. Anonymous contributions cannot and will not get any credit. If you submit your own creation, we need a valid E-Mail address that will be used to verify your identity. We will use this address only to send a confirmation request.

Some visitors have expressed their wish to donate via PayPal, Google Checkout or Amazon Honour System. Thank you for the kind thought. However, we are a strictly non-commercial site, and we don't accept any money donations. If you really want to help, please consider linking to us from your own site with a string like this:
<a href="">Cordula's Web</a>

Thank you.

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