Mark Collie

Mark Collie (born January 18, 1956 in Waynesboro, Tennessee) is an American country singer/songwriter and actor.

His first single, "Something With a Ring to It" was co-written with Aaron Tippin.

Randy Travis and Martina McBride have recorded his songs.

Film and Television

He has appeared in episodes of television shows such as JAG, Walker, Texas Ranger and The Strip.

In The Punisher he played Harry 'Heck' Thornton, an assassin who plays Frank Castle a song, "In Time" (written by Collie) before attempting to kill him.

Personal Information

One of six children, he showed an early interest in piano and guitar and performed often for his family.

Married with one son, Mark likes car racing, fishing, golfing, and used to ride bulls.

Mark is a diabetic and volunteers a lot of time for the American Diabetes Assn. The "Mark Collie Celebrity Motorsports Festival For Diabetes Cure" is held every October in Nashville at the Nashville Speedway.

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