Heather Dale

Born in Toronto, Heather Marian Dale is a Canadian Celtic singer.

She is well-known for her songs dealing with Arthurian legend which have made her well-known in SCA circles. She has written several songs specifically dedicated to SCA facets, and is known by the name Lady Marian of Heatherdale within the group.

Dale is a graduate of the University of Waterloo Environmental Studies program. In addition to her relative fame as a troubador, she is also known as a social and environmental activist. Her independent label is named Amphisbaena Music

A few of her songs include:

  • Lily Maid - The suicide note of Elaine of Astolat
  • The Prydwen Sails Again - A ballad sung in memory of an Arthurian sailor
  • Mordred's Lullaby - Morgan Le Fay's sinister lullaby to her son Mordred
  • Crashing Down
  • As I Am
  • This Endris Night
  • The Trial of Lancelot (2000)
  • Call The Names (2001)
  • This Endris Night (2002)
  • May Queen (2003)
  • The Road to Santiago (2005)

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