Babette Deutsch

Babette Deutsch (22 September 1895 - 13 November 1982) was an American poet, critic, translator, and novelist.

Born in New York City, the daughter of Michael and Melanie (Fisher) Deutsch, she matriculated from the Ethical Culture School and Barnard College, graduating in 1917 with a B.A. She published poems in magazines such as the North American Review and the New Republic while she was still a student at Barnard.

In 1946, she received an honorary D. Litt. from Columbia University. On April 29, 1921, Deutsch married Avrahm Yarmolinsky, chief of the Slavonic Division of The New York Public Library (1918-1955), also a writer and translator. They had two sons, Adam Yarmolinsky and Michael.

She translated Pushkin's Eugene Onegin into English and also made some of the best English versions of Boris Pasternak's poems.

Poetic Collections
  • Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (1954)
  • Coming of Age (1959)
  • Collected Poems, 1919-1962 (1963)
Other Works
  • Mask of Silenus (1933)
  • Poetry in Our Time (1954)
  • Poetry Handbook (1957)
As Anthologist
  • Modern Russian Poetry - an Anthology - Chosen and translated by Babette Deutsch and Avrahm Yarmolinsky (1921)

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