Louise Imogen Guiney

Louise Imogen Guiney (1861-1920) was an American poetess and essayist, born in Boston. The daughter of Gen. Patrick R. Guiney, she was educated in Providence. She edited editions of J. C. Mangan and of Matthew Arnold, and shared with Mrs. Spofford and Alice Brown the authorship of Three Heroines of English Romance (1894). Her more noteworthy volumes of poetry are:

  • Songs at the Start (1884)
  • The White Sail and Other Poems (1887)
  • The Martyr's Idyl, and Shorter Poems (1899)

She wrote also much in prose and, notably:

  • Monsieur Henri, a Footnote to French History (1892)
  • A Little English Gallery (1894)
  • Patrins: A Collection of Essays (1897)
  • Hurrell Froude (1904)

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