Vachel Lindsay

Nicholas Vachel Lindsay (November 10, 1879 - December 5, 1931) was an American poet born in Springfield, Illinois, known as the "Prairie Troubador."

Selected Works
  • "Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight"
  • "An Indian Summer Day on the Prairie"
  • "A Rhyme About an Electrical Advertising Sign"
  • "A Sense of Humor"
  • "The Dandelion"
  • "Drying Their Wings"
  • "The Eagle That is Forgotten"
  • "Euclid"
  • "Factory Windows are Always Broken"
  • "The Flower-Fed Buffaloes"
  • "General William Booth Enters Into Heaven"
  • "In Praise of Johnny Appleseed"
  • "Love and Law"
  • "The North Star Whispers to the Blacksmith's Son"
  • "On the Garden Wall"
  • "The Prairie Battlements"
  • "Prologue to "Rhymes to be Traded for Bread" "
  • "The Rose of Midnight"
  • "This Section is a Christmas Tree"
  • "To Gloriana"
  • "What Semiramis Said"
  • "What the Ghost of the Gambler Said"
  • "Written for a Musician"

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