Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton (nee Sheridan) (1808 - 1877), was the daughter of Thomas Sheridan, and grand-daughter of the Irish playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan. In 1827 she married the Honourable George Chapple Norton, the brother of Lord Grantley, a union which was unhappy, and ended in separation. Her first book, The Sorrows of Rosalie (1829), was well received. The Undying One (1830), a romance founded upon the legend of the Wandering Jew followed, and other novels were Stuart of Dunleath (1851), Lost and Saved (1863), and Old Sir Douglas (1867). The unhappiness of her married life led her to interest herself in the amelioration of the laws regarding the social condition and the separate property of women and the wrongs of children, and her poems, A Voice from the Factories (1836), and The Child of the Islands (1845), had as an object the furtherance of her views on these subjects. Her efforts were largely successful in bringing about the needed legislation. In 1877 Mrs. Norton married Sir W. Stirling Maxwell.

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