Cordula's Web. NOAA. Remains of an old ship. Folly Beach, South Carolina.
NOAA Photo Library: line1451. Folly Beach, South Carolina. William B. Folsom. HiRes. Gallery 15

A Last Day

Caroline Clive

Lower, lower burn thou fire;
Lessen in the dark'ning room;
Sad I watch thy rays expire.
Thou the last I light at home.

O my heart give way, and break;
Wander not an exile forth;
Die, ere thou thy home forsake,
Be as cold as is thy hearth.

The hearth that glow'd for mine, and me,
Never more must I renew;
But a stranger it will be
That must kindle it anew.

Lower, lower, burns the fire;
Pass'd the flame that leap'd and shone;
There, the ruddy gleams expire,
There, the last weak spark is gone.

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