The Day Of Judgment

Edith Nesbit

When the bearing and doing are over,
And no more is to do or bear,
God will see us and judge us
The kind of men we were;

And our sins, so ugly and heavy,
We shall drag them into His sight,
And throw them down at the foot of the throne,
Foul on the steps of light.

We shall not be shamed or frightened,
Though the angels are all at hand,
For He will look at our burden,
And He will understand.

He will turn to the little angels,
Agog to hear and obey,
And point to the festering sin-loads
With, "Take that rubbish away!"

Then the steps will be cleared of the burdens
That we threw down at His feet;
And we shall be washed in the tears of Christ,
And our tears bathe His feet.

And the harvest of all our sinning
That moment's shame will reap,
When we look in the eyes that love us
And know we have made them weep.

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