Cordula's Web. ONMT. Phare de Rabat, Morocco.
ONMT. Lighthouse. Phare de Rabat. Morocco. HiRes. Gallery 33

In The Enchanted Tower

Edith Nesbit

The waves in thunderous menace break
Upon the rocks below my tower,
And none will dare the Sea-king's power
And venture shipwreck for my sake.

Yet once, my lamp a path of light
Across the darkling sea had cast,
I saw a sail; at last, at last,
It came towards me through the night.

My lamp had been the beacon set
To lead the ship through mist and foam,
The ship that came to take me home,
To that far land I half forget.

But since my tower is built so high,
And surf-robed rocks curl hid below,
I quenched my lamp, and, weeping low
I saw my ship go safely by!

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