Little Folks

Charlie Daniels

Little folks are people too,
Very much like me and you.
The little things they say and do,
They kinda make your day...

Foolishness and common sense,
Through the eyes of innocence,
Skip-a-rope or jump-a-fence,
Gettin' in the way...

"Daddy, why are you so tall?
Daddy, why am I so small?
Daddy, who makes snowflakes fall?
Could it be the Lord?"

Chasing puppies, climbin' trees;
Bumping heads and skinnin' knees;
It's not very hard to see:
That kids are God's reward.

Little folks get down and out,
Girls will cry, and boys will pout.
Before you know what it's about,
They're smiling once again...

Colored kites on summer breeze,
Jingle Bells, and Christmas trees...
Too soon they're only memories:
Do you remember when?

"Daddy, what makes eagles fly?
What makes clouds float in the sky?
And Daddy, if I really try
Will I grow up someday?"

But little folks slip through our hands,
Like so many grains of sand;
You'd best enjoy 'em while you can:
So soon, they'll fly away...

YouTube: Little Folks (with 50 seconds intro), Live.

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