Cordula's Web. NOAA. Hurricane, West of Arecibo, Puerto Rico.
NOAA Photo Library: line0118. Hurricane West of Arecibo. Grady Tuell. HiRes. Gallery 7

Lovers' Quarrels

Edith Nesbit

Join hands, my dear, clasp long and close and fast,
Even this present we shall soon call past,
And lay among the unforgotten days,
Not the less loved because they could not last.

Make haste to put our hasty words away,
And hide them with dead leaves of yesterday,
Cast them aside among forgotten things,
Keep the love warm that turns to green life's grey.

Each little thorn that pricks these present hours
Is sure to hide under our memories' flowers,
Till we shall say, turning the dry wreath over,
"How sweet they were, these dear dead days of ours!"

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