Love's Reins


Like some wanton filly sporting,
Maid Of Thrace, thou flyest my courting.
Wanton filly! tell me why
Thou trip'st away, with scornful eye,

And seem'st to think my doating heart
Is novice in the bridling art?
Believe me, girl, it is not so;
Thou'lt find this skilful hand can throw

The reins around that tender form,
However wild, however warm.
Yes -- trust me I can tame thy force,
And turn and wind thee in the course.

Though, wasting now thy careless hours,
Thou sport amid the herbs and flowers,
Soon shalt thou feel the rein's control,
And tremble at the wished-for goal!

Odes of Anacreon - Ode LXV
Translated from the Greek by Thomas Moore.

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