The Pastor

Lydia Howard Sigourney

Pastor! thou from us art taken,
In the glory of thy years,
As the oak, by tempests shaken
Falls, ere time its glory sears.

Here, where oft thy lip hath taught us
Of the Lamb who died to save,
Where thy guiding hand hath brought us
To the blest baptismal wave,

Pale and cold, we see thee lying
In the temple once so dear,
While the mourner's bitter sighing
Falls unheeded on thine ear.

All thy love and zeal to lead us
Where celestial fountains shine,
And on living bread to feed us,
In our faithful hearts we shrine.

May thy pure example guide us,
Be thy glorious hope our shield,
And the Saviour stand beside us,
When like thee, to Death we yield.

The Weeping Willow. 1791-1865.

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