Cordula's Web. ONMT. Villa Majorelle. Marrakech. Morocco.
ONMT. Villa Majorelle, Marrakech. HiRes. Gallery 33


Christina Georgina Rossetti

I sigh at day-dawn, and I sigh
When the dull day is passing by,
I sigh at evening, and again
I sigh when night brings sleep to men.

Oh! It were better far to die
Than thus for ever mourn and sigh,
And in death's dreamless sleep to be
Unconscious that none weep for me;

Eased from my weight of heaviness,
Forgetful of forgetfulness,
Resting from pain and care and sorrow
Thro' the long night that knows no morrow;

Living unloved, to die unknown,
Unwept, untended and alone.