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NOAA Photo Library: line2793. Despair on the sand. Julia Brownlee. HiRes. Gallery 17

Shell Full Of Sand


Take the rose that you left on the window sill,
Bring it back, and bury it inside my brain.
And you left me to die not wanting to care,
About the life that you shattered of mine.

So I won't fear, the tears and the sweat and the blood,
Of a shattered soul, tattered and beaten;
I'm blind within the cold of the fold,
Lost between the cold of the fold.

I shed my tears about the distant memories,
Of things we've shared, the things you said that we would be,
And now it's all just so false, but it's in the way of my life,
Living dreams through the times I've lost in the strife.

It's too much pain, too much pain, too much pain...
Lost in the love, sharing the pain, sharing the lies I hide.
Now I'll never stop caring about you,
And the lies and the dreams and the hopes that were forged within you.

I want to know, want to feel, want to see love again,
To be a man once more, not a shell full of sand.
Just a shell full of sand,
Nothing much left of my soul.

If I could care once more, I'd take it all back,
Just to have one more time to fill in the cracks.
But it fades in between my life now...
Nothing much left of my soul.

Nothing left but the old.

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