Sclavonic Love Song

Marie Corelli

As the billows fling shells on the shore,
As the sun poureth light on the sea,
As a lark on the wing scatters song to the spring,
So rushes my love to thee.

As the ivy clings close to the tower,
As the dew lieth deep in a flower,
As the shadow to light, as the day unto night,
So clings my wild soul to thee!

As the moon glitters coldly alone,
Above earth on her cloud-woven throne,
As the rocky-hound cave repulses a wave,
So thy anger repulseth me.

As the bitter black frost of a night
Slays the roses with pitiless might,
As a sharp dagger-thrust hurls a king to the dust,
So thy cruelty murdereth me.

Yet in spite of thy queenly disdain,
Thou art seared by my passion and pain;
Thou shalt hear me repeat, till I die for it sweet!
"I love thee! I dare to love thee!"

A Romance of Two Worlds

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