Sonnet (2)

Louisa Sarah Guggenberger Bevington

You ask, what have you given? how solaced me?
You, whom 'tis duty that I see no more
Lest I should claim, you, give from your heart's store
Too largely of a perfect sympathy.

This have you wrought: you gave it me to be
A strong-winged spirit that can give you o'er,
You showed me a brave sake to battle for,
You dowered me with a new self-mastery.

This: and, ah! love, 'tis very much to know
The sweet, sad truth and reason of our pain,
The deathless, passionate faith that links us twain
How far soever sundered we may go.

'Tis much to think that should our love, our woe
Grow mortal, it must bring us heart to heart again.

Sonnet, 1874.

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