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Sonnet to Sorrow

Colfax Burgoyne Harman

So deep lie our sorrows, so deep in our souls!
So heavily, weigh down the fabric of life!
The struggling spirit is vanquished with strife,
Yet onward grief's torrent still merciless rolls

To crush our frail being, oh nothing condoles
The bosom sore pierced by misfortune's sharp knife.
The whole world with sorrow unceasing is rife.
No solace is soothing, no savior consoles.

Go bury thy sorrow, e'en make it a grave
In the rent it has made in the depth of thy heart.
Go bury thy sorrow, this silently save
What grief to another would useless impart.

Somewhere, mid the mist of the future afar
Tho shrouded in shadow, is shining a star.

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