Strong As An Oak

Rachel Proctor

There's two trees in Becky Hill's front yard,
One big, and one small.
That big oak's been there for ages,
And they planted that willow last fall.

He bought it for their anniversary,
So they could watch it grow like their love.
Well each day she looks out the window,
To see it not growing that much.

And she cries like that weeping willow,
Every time the wind starts to blow.
One of these days she's gonna be strong,
Strong like the oak.

Now she hates the thought of leaving,
As much as she hates to stay,
But somewhere in her heart she still needs him,
But not as much as she did yesterday.


She'll walk out that screen door and hold her hand high,
Won't look back, won't shed a tear.
Right now she's afraid of being alone,
Oh, but she's been alone for years


Yeah one of these days, she's gonna be strong,
Strong as an oak

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