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Then Teach Me...

Janetta Philipps

Then teach me, ah! teach me that pang to subdue,
Which passion imposes, and reason disdains;
Bid memory no more the dear image renew,
Which awakens my torments, and rivets my chains.

Ah! teach me for ever to chase from my soul
The wild visions which fancy and feeling inspire;
This heart's strong pulsations let prudence control,
Subdued be its fervor, extinguished its fire.

And thou too, oh Pleasure! fair goddess, be near,
Bid the magic of harmony breathe thro' the grove;
And Beauty's soft hand from my cheek dry the tear,
The fond tear, still devoted to Rosa and love.

Yet say, how can beauty my anguish beguile!
Or music's soft charm teach my heart to rejoice!
When pity's own angel might borrow her smile,
And the spirit of melody lives in her voice!

No... the traces can never be worn from my brain
Whilst my soul has reflection, my bosom has breath;
I must love while existence and reason remain,
Since forgetfulness comes but with frenzy or death.

Poems 1811.

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