Cordula's Web. NOAA. Crepuscular Rays.
NOAA Photo Library: wea00170. Crepuscular Rays, Asheville, N.C. Grant W. Goodge. HiRes. Gallery 12

To a Friend

William Lisle Bowles

Go, then, and join the murmuring city's throng!
Me thou dost leave to solitude and tears;
To busy phantasies, and boding fears,
Lest ill betide thee; but 't will not be long

Ere the hard season shall be past; till then
Live happy; sometimes the forsaken shade
Remembering, and these trees now left to fade;
Nor, mid the busy scenes and hum of men,

Wilt thou my cares forget: in heaviness
To me the hours shall roll, weary and slow,
Till mournful autumn past, and all the snow
Of winter pale, the glad hour I shall bless

That shall restore thee from the crowd again,
To the green hamlet on the peaceful plain.