To Julia

Thomas Moore

Though Fate, my girl, may bid us part,
Our souls it cannot, shall not sever;
The heart will seek its kindred heart,
And cling to it as close as ever.

But must we, must we part indeed?
Is all our dream of rapture over?
And does not Julia's bosom bleed
To leave so dear, so fond a lover?

Does she, too, mourn? -- Perhaps she may;
Perhaps she mourns our bliss so fleeting;
But why is Julia's eye so gay,
If Julia's heart like mine is beating?

I oft have loved that sunny glow
Of gladness in her blue eye beaming --
But can the bosom bleed with woe
While joy is in the glances beaming?

No, no! -- Yet, love, I will not chide;
Although your heart were fond of roving,
Nor that, nor all the world beside
Could keep your faithful boy from loving.

You'll soon be distant from his eye,
And, with you, all that's worth possessing.
Oh! then it will be sweet to die,
When life has lost its only blessing!

Juvenile Poems.

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