Cordula's Web. NOAA. Cloud-to-ground lightning strokes, Norman, Oklahoma.
NOAA Photo Library: nssl0017. Lightning strokes, Norman, Oklahoma. C. Clark. HiRes. Gallery 2


Ella Wheeler Wilcox

However skilled and strong art thou, my foe,
However fierce is thy relentless hate,
Though firm thy hand, and strong thy aim, and straight
Thy poisoned arrow leaves the bended bow,

To pierce the target of my heart, ah! know
I am the master yet of my own fate.
Thou canst not rob me of my best estate,
Though fortune, fame, and friends, yea, love shall go.

Not to the dust shall my true self be hurled,
Nor shall I meet thy worst assaults dismayed;
When all things in the balance are well weighed,
There is but one great danger in the world,

Thou canst not force my soul to wish thee ill,
That is the only evil that can kill.

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