Unspoken Love

Scott Carr

A single breath, a single tear
Losing you is what I fear.
You turn your back to me to part,
A tear develops in my heart.

I never found the words to say
Just what it means if you would stay.
I never told you how I felt
Or how you caused my heart to melt.

Now the birds will not sing
Or the bells of love dare to ring.
But I will never forget
Just how I felt when we first met!

You made my heart fly up so high,
I reached my hand out and touched the sky.
And it is plain for all to see
Just what you will always mean to me.

And now those words I have not said,
The ones I fear will make you leave instead.

I love you, do you love me?
For in your answer I will see
If I get to hold you in my arms
And forever be your shining star.

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