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Voice of the Beloved

Marie Corelli

O hear ye not the voice of the Belovëd?
Through golden seas of starry light it falls,
And like a summons in the night it calls,
Saying, 'Lost children of the Father's House

Why do ye wander wilfully away?'
Lo, I have sought ye sorrowing every day,
And yet ye will not answer, will not turn
To meet my love for which the angels yearn!

In all the causeless griefs wherewith your hearts are movëd
Have ye no time to hear the Voice of the Belovëd?

* * * * *

O hearken to the Voice of the Belovëd!
Sweeter it is than music, sweeter far
Than angel-anthems in a happy star!
O wandering children of the Father's House,

Turn homeward ere the coming of the night,
Follow the pathway leading to the light!
So shall the sorrows of long exile cease
And tears be turned to smiles and pain to peace.

Lift up your hearts and let your faith be provëd;
Answer, oh answer the Voice of the Belovëd!

The Soul of Lilith, Part III.

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