The Wise Choice

Lydia Howard Sigourney

"She hath chosen the better part." --Luke, 10:42

In every duty kind and dear
Whose unobtrusive round
Doth bless the lov'd domestic sphere
Her chief delight she found.

Still o'er her children's budding minds,
With gentle zeal to pour
The manna of that word divine
Which fed the saints of yore.

And when she heard the suffering plaint
Of penury and care,
Or those who by the wayside faint
In shelterless despair;

She turn'd not from their sad request,
Nor scorn'd the tale of grief,
But promptly, with a feeling breast,
Gave pity and relief.

And doubt ye not, her heavenward trust,
The path she firmly trod,
Her meek regard for others good,
And for the Church of God.

The blessing of the grateful poor,
And sorrow's lowly train,
When earth and sea have fled away,
A better crown shall gain,

Than that which dipp'd in gorgeous dies
The world, with loud acclaim
Doth for its favor'd votaries weave,
And proudly christen, Fame.

The Weeping Willow. 1791-1865.

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