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Miscellaneous Quotes


Everything that you wanted I have done.
You cowered before me, I was frightening.
I have reordered time.
I have turned the world upside-down,
And I have done it all for you!
I am exhausted from living up
To your expectations of me.
Isn't that generous?

-- Jareth (David Bowie). Labyrinth

Through dangers untold,
And hardships unnumbered,
I have fought my way here
To the Castle, beyond the goblin city.
For my will is as strong as yours,
And my kingdom as great.
You have no power over me!

-- Sarah (Jennifer Connely). Labyrinth

* * * * *

Little-Heart that used to be, wherever did you wander?
I have looked for you in vain where the children play.
Did you stray away across the blue hills over yonder?
In some half forgotten path, did you lose the way?
Shall I miss you always as I'm missing you today?

-- Freely adapted from Esther M. (Clark) Hill
Little Boy That Used To Be.

* * * * *

So in love the heart surrenders itself entirely
to the one being known how to touch it.
That being is not selected
but recognized and obeyed.

-- George Santayana.

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