Ada Cambridge

Ada Cambridge was born in Norfolk, England, in 1844. She contributed to Lays of the Pi­ous Min­strels (1862), and she married the Rev. G. F. Cross. They lived, from 1870 to 1909, in various country towns and at Williamston, in Victoria. She wrote a number of novels and books of hymns, in addition to her books of poetry. She died in 1926.

  • Hymns on the Litany (1865)
  • Hymns on the Holy Communion (1866)
  • The Manor House: and Other Poems (1875)
  • Unspoken Thoughts (1887)
  • At Midnight: and Other Stories (1897)
  • Thirty Years in Australia (1903)
  • Sisters (1904)
  • The Eternal Feminine (1907)
  • The Hand in the Dark: and Other Poems (1913)
  • The Making of Rachel Rowe (1914)

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