Cordula's Web. NOAA. Cumulonimbus Clouds, Flat Top Mountain, North Carolina.
NOAA Photo Library: wea00097. Flat Top Mountain, N. Carolina. Grant W. Goodge. HiRes. Gallery 13


Ada Cambridge

Me let the world disparage and despise,
The world, that hugs its soul-corroding chains,
The world, that spends for such ignoble gains.
Let foe or bigot wrap my name in lies;

Let Justice, blind and maimed and halt, chastise
The rebel-spirit surging in my veins;
Let the Law deal me penalties and pains;
Let me be outcast in my neighbours' eyes.

But let me fall not in my own esteem,
By poor deceit or petty greed debased;
Let me be clean from undetected shame;
Know myself true, though heretic I seem;

Know myself faithful, howsoe'er disgraced;
Upright and strong, for all the load of blame.

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