Cordula's Web. Flickr. Pikes Peak seen from afar, Colorado Springs.
Flickr. Pikes Peak, seen from afar, Colorado Springs. packman73. Gallery 41


Edith Nesbit

Once I loved, and my heart bowed down,
Subject and slave, for Love was a King;
He sat above with sceptre and crown,
Turning his eyes from my sorrowing.

The laugh of a god on his lips lay light;
His lips victorious that mocked my pain,
And I mourned in the cold and the outer night,
And my tears and my prayers were vain.

Now the old spell is over and done,
Myself I wear the ermine and gold,
My brows are crowned, I ascend the throne,
I have taken the sceptre and orb to hold.

I smile victorious, set far above
The music of voices that moan and pray,
My feet are wet with the tears of love,
And I turn my eyes away.

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