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Until the Day Break...

Edith Nesbit

When head and hands and heart alike are weary;
When Hope with folded wings sinks out of sight;
When all thy striving fails to disentangle
From out wrong's skein the golden threads of right;
When all thy knowledge seems a marsh-light's glimmer,
That only shows the blackness of the night;

In the dark hour when victory seems hopeless,
Against thy lance when armies are arrayed,
When failure writes itself upon thy forehead,
By foes outnumbered and by friends betrayed;
Still stand thou fast, though faith be bruised and wounded,
Still face thy future, still be undismayed!

While one true man speaks out against injustice,
While through men's chorused "Right!" clear rings his "Wrong!"
Freedom still lives. One day she will reward him
Who trusted in her though she tarried long,
Who held her creed, was faithful till her coming,
Who, for her sake, strove, suffered, and was strong.

She will bring crowns for those who love and serve her;
If thou canst live for her, be satisfied;
If thou canst die for her, rejoice! Our brothers
At least shall crown our graves and say, "These died
Believing in the sun when night was blackest,
And by our dawn their faith is justified!"

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