Ballad of a Cluster Bomb

David Rovics

I was born
Between factory walls.
I was conceived
Amongst the ivory halls.

And in this world
I knew my role:
I went to work
With a single goal.

I traveled the earth
To far-off lands,
From the Asian jungles
To the African sands.

I flew in planes
Of camouflage green,
Before I settled
Upon this scene.

Like a shooting star
I came to rest;
And this farmer's field
Is where I nest.

Watching the seasons
Come and go...
Watching the long grass
Grow and grow.

* * * * *

The years passed by,
And I lay here still:
For my purpose is clear
For me to fulfill!

The sun was out,
It was the middle of May;
When the farmer's three children
Came out to play.

They ventured near,
I lay in wait:
One unknowing step
Sealed their fate!

One thousand shards
Of plastic rose,
From where I lay
And through their clothes.

Into their bodies
The shrapnel sank,
Here in this field
By a river bank.

The blood poured down,
Shone in the sun...
And one cluster bomblet's
Job was done.

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