Cordula's Web. Small ship on blue sea, by M. H. L.
Small ship on blue sea. Copyright © 2002 M.H.L. Gallery 1

The Ship O' Dreams

Esther M. (Clark) Hill

I built a little ship o' dreams,
As trim as trim could be;
And under most auspicious skies
I sent it out to sea,
And I wondered if fair winds or foul
Would bring it back to me.

I watched the ships put out from port
And many a shining spar
Drifted beyond the harbor lights,
Across the safe home-bar,
Until the last white sail went down
Beyond the farthest star.

Full many a ship came back to port,
As friendly winds incline;
And some bore sorry, drooping masts,
And some rode straight and fine;
Some came with torn and tattered sails,
But nevermore came mine.

My gallant little ship o' dreams,
I watch no more for you,
When all the other ships come home
Through waters gray or blue.
The happiest crafts sometimes are those
That never weather through!

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